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Identity Theft

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The internet supplies our world with a vast array of information, activities and stimulation. It enables us to keep in contact with friends, keep up with current events, shop online and even work from the comfort of our own homes. While online shopping is easy and is more often than not safe and secure it can also make us susceptible to identity theft. Identity theft, identity fraud and internet identity crimes are very commonly committed crimes in our society today. Being accused of identity theft or identity fraud can bring extremely serious legal, financial and administrative consequences. If you have been accused of committing identity theft it may make sense to consult with a skilled and experienced Delaware Identity Theft Attorney.

Call me, Delaware Identity Fraud Attorney Kevin P. O'Neill as I have extensive experience handling identity theft, identity fraud and internet identity crimes in New Castle County, Delaware, Kent County, Delaware and Sussex County, Delaware. Feel free to contact me at 302 622 9500 in. Or, email Delaware Identity Theft Defense Attorney Kevin P. O'Neill by clicking here . As your attorney I will aggressively defend your rights and protect them every step of the way.

Identity Theft

Identity fraud, also known as identity theft, is defined as a crime in which someone wrongfully, illegally or fraudulently obtains and uses someone else's personal information as a means to commit fraud or other illegal activities. When identity theft is committed various forms of personal information is stolen. Some of the more common information stolen is: name, address, social security number, date of birth, telephone number(s), mother's maiden name and various credit card & bank account numbers.

Common Types Of Identity Theft

  • Internet Identity Fraud
  • Credit Card Identity Fraud
  • Computer Identity Theft
  • Bank Identity Theft
  • Social Security Number Identity Theft
  • Credit Union Identity Theft

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Being charged with identity theft, fraud, or any other type of identity theft related crime can change your life forever. If convicted your freedom, your rights, your financial status and your ability to be employed are all jeopardized. Call me, Delaware Identity Fraud Defense Attorney Kevin P. O'Neill to protect your rights and plan a sound and strategic defense. As your lawyer I will help you navigate through the judicial system and obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Call my office at 302 622 9500. You can also contact Delaware White Collar Crime Attorney Kevin P. O'Neill via email by clicking here .