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CDL and Out of State Drivers

Delaware Lawyer for Commercial Truck Drivers and Out-of-State Motorists

Many motorists from Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey travel the Delaware corridor on a regular basis. Ticketing out-of-state motorists and commercial truck drivers generates a substantial amount of revenue for the state of Delaware. Few people have more at stake than a commercial truck driver.

If you received a speeding ticket or other moving violation or were arrested for DUI (or DWI) in a traffic stop in Delaware, and you are a commercial truck driver or out-of-state motorist, you are probably foolish to simply pay the ticket(s). You need an experienced defense attorney who can explain your rights and options. You need a fighter on your side.

THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE IN THE STATE OF DELAWARE. New Delaware Governor Jack Markel entered office several months ago with a 2009 $700 million budget shortfall. Delaware is officially broke. Legislation is pushing for new, legalized sports betting that could bring in up to $100 million a year. It seems like a no brainer for Delaware politicians, especially in a state that already allows slots and horse racing. "We've already got gaming in the state and you can't be a little bit pregnant," he was quoted recently. This is a state that was the national forerunner in soliciting national credit card companies into Delaware, and then permitting them to charge interest rates far higher than another other state in the nation. The message in Delaware is clear, the state will find new sources of revenue. Traffic tickets should increase dramatically, the fines will go higher, and out of state motorists will pay the price. People from other states should also know that Delaware tickets will transfer to their home state, and their driving records will then pay an additional price!

I can help. If you are a commercial truck driver or out-of-state motorist facing a serious ticket or DUI charge in Delaware, call my office in Wilmington toll free at 866-462-0567 or contact me by e-mail now to receive sound legal advice in a free initial consultation.

Can't come back to Delaware for a hearing? Ignoring the tickets will not make them go away.

Whether you have old tickets, or are an out-of-state truck driver or student, or received a recent ticket while driving through the state, or cannot easily return to Delaware to appear in court, I can represent your rights, including filing a motion for continuance for a later date or appearing on your behalf for out of state clients.

Depending on the ticket involved, you may not have to come to Delaware at all if I can arrange the disposition of the ticket without your presence.

I may be able to work out a deal with the police and prosecutors.

I may be able to get your a more favorable sentence.

Experienced Representation for Commercial Truck Drivers and Out-of-State Motorists

A traffic ticket or DUI conviction in our state may affect your non-Delaware driver's license. The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles now routinely sends virtually all moving violations back to the home state of the motorist. Rest assured that the Delaware traffic ticket that you routinely pay through the mail will eventually show up on your home state driving record. If you are a commercial truck driver, the commercial driver's license (CDL) you need to do your job may be in jeopardy.

I can advise you regarding the specifics of Delaware DUI and traffic law as it applies in your case. I can explain the Delaware points system and help you determine whether a first offender program or probation before judgment may be real options for enabling you to keep your license or avoid other serious consequences.

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